Making the Digital Safe

Making the Digital SafeMaking the Digital SafeMaking the Digital Safe

Hire our seasoned CISO consultants to enable and accelerate your digital transformation.

Value Proposition


Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Here at Vigilance Security, being mission driven brings meaning and societal impacts through our work. We are committed  to hiring, mentoring and growing diverse and female talent in the cybersecurity industry through partnerships with city colleges.  


Experience as CISO’s at Fortune 500 companies.

Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

We understand what it takes to address culture, process, tools and teams to hit your goals successfully. Consider us your trusted advisor to reduce your long list of to-do's and help fill gaps where finding talent or budget is constrained.


Keeping Lean

Commitment to Diversity and Female Growth in the Cybersecurity Industry

Keeping Lean

 Without the overhead of the Big4 consulting firms, we are able to charge substantially less while delivering with seasoned resources. We are committed to protecting the businesses of our clients by pairing their requirements with fair pricing ahead of everything we do. . 



Seasoned consultants that understand your business and regulator demands.

 Sample Engagements

  • We are a team of seasoned CISO experts that specialize in program build out and/or assessments in areas of; NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks,  Security Metrics Program including KPI's & KRI's, Security Strategy & Presentations to the Board, Cloud Security Strategy, Payment Card Security (PCI), Privacy Regulations such as CCPA and GDPR, Vulnerability Management Programs, Incident Response Tabletops & plans, Next Generation Authentication, Security Awareness Training, Mergers & Acquisitions Security Due Diligence, Recruitment & Staff Placement. 

Security, Metrics & Audit Programs

  • Security Programs & Policies provides support for organizations to assess, design and build security programs, policies and detailed technical procedures. Our experts address the systemic sources of security vulnerabilities and management process deficiencies. Using the client's business, operations and information technology strategies, we create security solutions that align with the client's business objectives to achieve more effective implementation.

  • Vigilance Security consultants can define, design, develop and implement a departmental information security and risk management program that is risk driven and anticipates where the threat is going. We work in compliance with federal and state regulations and standards such as NIST, HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and ISO-17799.


Risk Assessments

  • A risk assessment provides an analysis of the effectiveness of a company's or specific system's security controls. Our service includes adaptive techniques to work with organizations to review the risk associated with a company's overall security design implementations to ensure that proper security controls are utilized. We analyze your organization to identify vulnerabilities, magnitude of risk, gaps with industry practices and prioritization of security efforts.


About Us


100% Woman Owned & Operated

Headquartered out of New York City, Vigilance Security provides information security advisory and compliance consulting for Global 2000 organizations. We approach Information Security as a business challenge, not a technology one. 


Vigilance Security helps the payment industry, financial services, life sciences, government and technology clients achieve their business objectives through a risk driven approach combined with business aligned results.  We provide the full life cycle of security program design, assessment, consulting solutions tailored for your needs.

Vigilance Security differentiates itself by it's independence of opinion and only using subject matter experts at substantially less than the Big 4 auditing firms. 


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